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Flexible heating film for EV car

  • Flexible heating film for EV car
  • Flexible Heating Film of TnK is most suitable for Electric Vehicle heating system.
    This system can heat up almost parts inside car (for example, handle, seat, roof, lower plate for driver, door panel, front panel ETC.) with low electric consumption.


  • Light and safe
  • Flexible and thin
  • Bonding and sewing and hole available is possible
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast heating
  • Door Trim Handle
    Electric condition DC 12V – 1.8A DC 12V – 0.7A
    Heating Area 12 sections 5 sections
    Max Temp. 70℃ 70℃
    Max Temp. reaching time 1min 1min
  • Specification
    • Electric condition : DC12V-5A
    • 16 sections Heating Area
    • Max. Temperature : 70℃
    • Bimetal temperature control
    • Max. temperature reaching time : 1min