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Shape heating system

When you want to make a heating on the complicated Surface, TnK can make a solution by Shape Heating System. This shape heating system can be used for any type of shape. Normal Temperature range is 20~70℃ on the Surface, and DC voltage is being used. All specification can be changed as products size and shape.

  • Application Any type of Shape
    Temp. Range (Max. Temp.) 20~70℃ (80℃)
    Voltage DC 5 ~ 48V (As size)
    Ampere 0.5 ~ 8A (As size)
    Surface Coating Poly Urethane
    Time to 0℃ (Surface) Within 2 min.
    (from -15℃)
  • If Shape heating system join your electric wiring line, it can be controlled in driving room.
  • What is advantage?
    • No need changing layout
    • Controlling in Driving Room
    • Reducing Man power
    • Resistant to Flying Stones
    • Easy to use
  • Business Model
    • Supplying “Shape Heating System” manufacturing on your products
    • R&D and Prototype for your products
    • Supplying Technical consulting

    Patent : KOR 10-2014-0081614